Websites You Should Take a Look At

Aging Boomers Blog
Hey, if you're like me and rushing headfirst into senior citizenship, then you're going to enjoy reading this blog where I document my journey into old age. This is the site where I write about keeping healthy while wobbling toward the grave on aging legs, but I also let loose on other topics that turn me on, turn me off, amuse me, or irritate the crap out of me.

Meditation Basics
If you've been wanting to get into meditation but have felt like you're just too busy, this site will get you started. Free newsletter that keeps you motivated.

Dr. Ben Kim's Natural Health Site
My good friend Dr. Ben Kim offers a multitude of articles on natural health care, as well as a free health newsletter everyone should subscribe to.

Leah Day's DayStyle Designs
If you're into quilting, then you need to bookmark my daughter-in-law's quilting website right now. This site is a superb resource for quilt patterns, quilting designs, how to instructions, and inspiration for making beautiful quilts.

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