Detox and Body Cleansing Programs

Detox with Diet Changes

21 Days to Health & Beyond Detox
This detox diet and natural health program created by Chet Day has been used by over 350,000 natural health seekers since 1998 to lose weight and gain energy. This 150-page program (including a daily email support system) tells you exactly what to do and when to do it.

The Detox Bible
This collection contains fourteen of the world's best body detox and cleanse routines. If you want to "blow the carbon out of your pipes" with a body detox, you'll want to won The Detox Bible. Includes multiple bonus files to add with detox and cleansing.

Your Best Weight and Health
This is a holistic program that uses the most advanced principles of mind-body medicine to help you naturally experience your best weight and health. Developed by Dr. Ben Kim, this program is designed to be the last program you'll ever need for maintaining not only a healthy weight but a healthy lifestyle.

Juice Fasting For a Healthy Body
Dr. Ben Kim provides all the "how to" details about going on your own healthy juice fast at home. This is a great way to lose a few pounds while flooding your body with healthy nourishment.

Dr. Ben Kim's Simple and Effective Cleanse
If you want a simple and effective cleansing program, Dr. Ben Kim has a great one for you. Eating apples and other healthy foods, you can feel better fast. Check this one out, for sure.

Detox Background Information

Symptoms to Expect When You Improve Your Diet
In this widely-cited article you learn about the sort of symptoms you can expect to experience when you either go on a detoxifying routine or when you significantly upgrade your diet. Remember, you don't get a free lunch and a quick fix in the alternative health movement--instead you pay the piper for the indulgences of the past. Sounds ominous, but the results are well worth a few days of discomfort. Must reading before starting any detox program.

What is a Healing Crisis?
If you're interested in natural approaches to healing, you'll want to read this overview about what happens when you're on "nature's operating table."

Josh and Leah's 21 Days to Health & Beyond Video Diary
In 2009 my son Josh and his wife Leah went on a 21 day adventure in body cleansing and renewal. They made videos about everything they experienced during that three week period. Fascinating stuff!

What Doctors Won't Tell You about Toxins or Detoxing
Dr. Kim writes, "Over the past few years, I've noticed that cleansing the body of toxins has become one of the most common topics that new clients want to consult with me on."

Dr. Ted Spence discusses many detox approaches, including using diet, herbs, skin cleansing, detox baths, juice fasting, and more. A must read for anyone interested in body detox.

Beneficial Bowel Flora and Sauerkraut
The idea of microscopic organisms living and reproducing within you probably seems creepy at first. But when you see the good these beneficial bacteria do for your health and well being, you'll want to welcome them aboard instead of wanting to throw them over the side.

How to Detox with Juice Fasting

Diary of a Juice Fast
During my Christmas vacation in 1995, I took a week while my family visited relatives and sat
around and drank juices and didn't eat a single bit of solid food for five days. In this article, in journal form, I tell you what I did, why I did it, and how you can do it too. The results of that vacation juice fast? I lost a number of pounds and came away from it feeling the best I'd felt in ages.

Why I Say NO to Pure Carrot Juice
Chet Day channels Nancy Reagan and just says "NO" to pure, uncut carrot juice because it is way too high in sugar content and a terrible choice for diabetics as well as anyone with candida or yeast issues.

Carrot Juice Is Dangerous for Diabetics
Freshly extracted vegetable juice is a great thing for health, but straight carrot juice for those with blood sugar sensitivities... no way, Jose.

Carrot Juice and Orange Skin
Yikes, did you know if you drink too much carrot juice, especially straight carrot juice, your skin will turn orange? Here's why that happens and why you'll probably want to cut back on pure carrot juice.\

How to Do a Three-Day Juice Fast
This article provides full details on how to successfully complete a three-day juice fast. You'll lose some weight and feel terrific after finishing this holiday from eating.

How I Kicked the Flu with a Juice Fast
In this article I detail how I beat the Millennium Flu of 2000 with a juice fast. Most people who caught this flu were sick for as long as four weeks. I kicked this bug in three days by going on a juice fast.

Homemade V8 Juice
Homemade V8 juice is fun and delicious and also a whole lot healthier for you than the stuff in bottles, which is full of preservatives.

Water Fasting

Fasting One Day a Week Good for You?
Is fasting one day a week good for your health? To answer this question, let's take a look at what happens in your body when you begin to eat and drink nothing but water.

How to Break a Fast
Dr. Herbert Shelton, the father of modern Natural Hygiene, details the method used at his health school to properly break a waster fast.

Other Good Detox Programs

A Transitional Detoxifying Routine
The late Drs. Robert and Elizabeth McCarter discovered natural living late in life but soon enough to resolve their terrible arthritis problems as well as a host of other ills. In this article, they tell you precisely how to go on a gentle and transitional detoxifying routine.

Detoxification and the Detox Diet
Dr. Elson Haas in this article discusses how and when to clean the body by going on a sensible detoxification program. Includes a detox diet and menu plan as well as other helpful suggestions.

Some Practical Hints for a Detoxifying Regime
In what may be one of the most efficient Natural Hygiene-based detoxifying regimes ever developed, British naturopath and Natural Hygienist Dr. Keki Sidhwa tells you in this article exactly what you
should do for about five weeks of your life to give you body a chance to really clean itself out. Thousands of people over the years have successfully used this water fasting and minimal diet combination to heal themselves of all kinds of ailments.

Detox with Colon Cleansing

Colon Cleansing
In this article, I provide all the "how to" details for a variation of several popular colon cleanses.
Many people report feeling a lot better when they regulate their bowels with colon cleansing.

Constipation Overview
If you're not having two bowel movements a day, you're most likely suffering from constipation. This article provides a basic overview of constipation and some of its causes.

Miscellaneous Detox Articles and Tools

Gall Bladder Flushes
This article provides basic information and "how to" details for performing a gall bladder flush at home. When the liver has been stagnant for a long time, sediments form in the gall bladder, according to some natural health writers, and that's the time to do a home gall bladder flush.

How Water Fasting Works for Me
A 68-year old woman discusses how she uses water fasting to maintain her outstanding health.

How to Take a Ginger Bath
If you like ginger ale but gave it up for health reasons, you may find a ginger bath the next best thing. Click here to learn about this refreshing method to relax and detox at the same time.

The Five-Day Relationship Fast
My long-time friend and correspondent Michael Bobier prepared this interesting article which will give you some important insights into relationships and how they too can become toxic. Includes details on how to fast from a relationship that's causing you pain.

Detox Diets

There are a number of restrictive diets that I've experimented with over the years that will provide a slower and more gentle (and yet thorough) detox. To learn a great deal about detox diets that will help you lose weight, gain energy, and feel better, click here.

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