Hallelujah Diet Crash:

Losing Your Mind to the Genesis 1:29/Vegan Diet

by Greg Westbrook
Author of When Hallelujah Becomes "What Happened?"

Probably the biggest surprise that we discovered about the long-term symptoms of the Gen 1:29 (vegan) Diet is its effect on mental capacity and emotional stability. From survey results of Gen 1:29 Dieters, we discovered that:

  • 67% reported scattered or foggy thinking
  • 55% reported memory loss
  • 51% reported low tolerance to stress
  • 44% reported negative thinking
  • 40% reported mood swings
  • 40% reported being grouchy
  • 40% reported being depressed
  • 38% reported being unable to concentrate
  • 11% reported having panic attacks and paranoia

These numbers are much higher than anything we expected. In fact, they are staggering.

I have heard many stories of Gen 1:29 Dieters that are having some or all of the problems listed above. Parents on the Genesis 1:29 Diet tell me of the mental and emotional problems their children are having. I can only wonder what would happen to their mental state if they were to add some animal products into their diet.

We just received a survey this week from a health minister couple that has been on the Gen 1:29 Diet for eight years. The husband experienced none of the mental and emotional symptoms, but the wife had checked every single mental and emotional symptom on the survey in the YES column. Can you imagine how this must have impacted their lives and relationships?

In our own family many of you know that Terry probably suffered the most from depression, anxiety and despair on the diet. What a surprise to us that once we added meat back into our diets, Terry's problems dramatically cleared up.

I can't tell you how thankful we are that Terry's problems have cleared up. While Terry suffered the most, the rest of our family did not escape these mental symptoms totally. We all had compromised mental and emotional capacity to some degree.

Where would people like Terry (our son) and this health minister end up after several more years on the Gen 1:29 Diet? On medication for depression and anxiety or perhaps in a mental institution? There is no telling. I just thank the Lord for the healing power in the whole-Bible diet including animal products. I will be very surprised if this lady isn't immensely helped by the addition of animal products to her diet.

God knew exactly what he was doing when he gave Noah meat to eat. As people on this earth, we have the Bible as our guidebook. If we choose to camp on Gen 1:29 and ignore the rest of the Bible's advice on nutrition, we will almost certainly suffer consequences.

One by one, Gen 1:29 Dieters are returning to the whole counsel of God on nutrition and their mental and emotional problems are clearing up. It isn't instantaneous, but it seems to be sure.

One of our workshop leaders from Tucson, AZ had been plagued with panic attacks and paranoia for months after several years on the Gen 1:29 Diet, even coming to the point of a mental breakdown. Yet, after just a little more than three months after adding animal products to her diet, she sent us an email saying:

"I, for one, feel so restored and rebuilt (Amos 9:11) and I have you (Judie) to thank."

If you are a Gen 1:29 Dieter, please take a look at these mental and emotional symptoms noted on the survey. If you are suffering from any of these items, you may want to consider adding some clean, wholesome animal products back into your diet.

I suppose you could try to get the same effect with a battery of supplements or prescription drugs, but it makes a lot more sense to simply return to the whole-Bible diet in child-like faith to rebuild lost mental and emotional strength.

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Remember Naman in the Bible who was a captain of the host of the king of Syria. He was a mighty man of valor but he had the horrible disease of leprosy. When Elisha the prophet told Naaman to go wash in the river Jordan seven times, Naaman became angry because he had the notion that Elisha should have just come out and called upon the name of the Lord and there would be a great instantaneous healing. Naaman was also angry because he thought he could have just as well washed in one of Syria's own rivers rather than the river Jordan.

Naaman wanted to be healed by doing things he wanted to do rather than what God told him to do (through the prophet Elisha). Of course when Naaman did humble himself and wash seven times in the Jordan river, he was healed of his leprosy and his skin became like that of a little child.

Isn't this just like us? We want to do the Gen 1:29 Diet and get our ultimate health from the diet that God gave to Adam before the flood. Sometimes we become angry when someone says we need to go beyond Gen 1:29 for dietary instructions.

But there is tremendous healing to be found if we will but believe God for His dietary instructions and obey him in simple faith. The mental and emotional healings that Terry and the workshop leader in Tucson received border on the miraculous. We can do nothing but give glory to God and His simple instructions in Gen 9:3 and in the rest of the Bible.

There is a fascinating article on the connection between diet and mental health which can be found at:


Here is a quotation from the above article by Julia Ross:

"You may be eating too little protein. In fact, you almost certainly are if you've been dieting or avoiding fatty foods, many of which are high in protein, too. Your brain relies on protein - the only food source of amino acids - to make all of its mood-enhancing chemicals. If you are not getting enough protein, you won't be able to manufacture those crucial chemicals."

On the Gen 1:29 Diet, we believed and taught that we could get all our protein from plant sources and that we could get all the fat we needed from nuts, avocados and Udo's Oil. In retrospect, it simply didn't work the way we believed and taught it. In the long run, we needed animal products.

In reading scientific literature, you will invariably notice a trend towards supplementation and drug therapy. People who are suffering often try any and all avenues of healing available to them, and we do not fault people for trying supplementation and prescription drugs.

However, we strongly encourage people to get on the Basic, Bible, Balanced Plan B Diet™ and just see what improvements they find. So far, in all the cases we've seen, the mental and emotional problems have cleared up with a dietary change alone!

Of course, one must be careful to eat only clean, wholesome animal products. And it is also very important to get all the junk out of our diets to insure proper nutrition to the brain.

If you will read the next article and download the free information, you will be well on your way to getting the junk out of your diet. Add in some clean animal products, and you may gain a confidence and happy disposition that you haven't had since you were a youngster. You may be in for a big surprise!

Click here to order Greg Westbrook's When Hallelujah Becomes "What Happened?" so you can overcome the health and deficiency problems you may well be generating or experiencing on a Genesis 1:29 vegan diet.

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