Infant, Children, and Parenting Articles

Healthy Camping Foods
Here are some kid friendly foods that don't spoil for camping trips. From fruits to nuts to veggie sticks.

Teenagers' Brain Boost Linked to Fish
A European study's findings suggest that the impacts of fish diets may be especially strong at this stage of life. The intelligence scores of boys who ate fish more than once a week were 12 percent higher than those of boys who ate fish less than once a week.

Vaccine Refusal and Medical Intimidation
In this article, Josh Day reveals the approach he and his wife used to avoid having their son vaccinated during his first visit to a pediatrician.

How to Safely Shower with Your Baby
Here are some easy and effective tips for new parents on showering with your baby.

Home Remedies for Head Lice
Here are four tried and true home remedies for head lice. No harsh chemicals found here.

Ten Ways to Prevent and Monitor School Bullying
Here are ten steps to implement in your child's school to curtail and prevent bullying.

Seven Signs Your Relationship Is in Trouble
This article by Debbie Mandel highlights several signs and symptoms of an ailing relationship. Here are seven tips to help you reclaim your relationship with your spouse.

Sugar and Spice: Dressing Up Baby Girls
No snoops and snails and puppy dog tails here! This is for the mom who loves to dress up her baby girl in cute outfits.

Hugging Your Kids for Their Health
Hugging your kids is a great and easy way to reinforce their self esteem and let them know they are loved. Physical contact doesn't take long and is a painless and easy act!

Building Self-esteem in Children
Some modern parents were raised in homes where emotions were regarded as weak and undesirable. Consequently, these parents may have problems expressing and explaining emotions to their children. This article provides helpful hints for teaching children about emotions and self-esteem.

Ten Tips for Dealing with Peer Pressure
Standing up to peer pressure represents one of the greatest challenges that children face, and many kids are unable to stand up to the challenge. This article offers ten practical tips for combating peer pressure problems and issues.

Hand Crocheted Baby Sweater and Booties
An easy pattern for the knitter to crochet a simple baby sweater and a pair of booties.

Breast Feeding Tips for New Mothers
New mothers often have a difficult time breast feeding. But don't give up! And don't resort to formula. These tips by Margaret Chuong-Kim will help you along.

Why a Homebirth Couple Said No to Attachment Parenting
It may be all the rage within natural health circles, but attachment parenting, like any parenting style, has its pros and cons and elements of extremes and political motivation.

What to Do When Your Baby Outgrows Her Clothes
Here are some creative and practical ideas of utilizing outgrown baby clothes.

Why Antibiotics Are Not the Answer for the Common Cold and Acne
So many people use antibiotics as the end-all be-all cure. This is a must read article for anyone who's ever been put on an antibiotic or plans to go on one in the future.

The Price of Chewing Gum
If you chew gum on a regular basis, you may be harming your health.

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