Vegetarian and Veganism Articles

China Study Unmasked
In this blog entry, I point you to detailed observations that pretty much rip to shreds T. Colin Campbell's deeply flawed and unconscionably misleading China Study, the so-called "research" that many of the vegan gurus use to promote their nutritionally deficient diets.

Healthy Nut Butters
In this blog entry I share one of Dr. Ben Kim's favorite nut butter recipes. If you've never tried nut butter, you really should make a batch because you're going to love the stuff. I promise!

Letter Concerning a Serious B12 Deficiency
Chet Day writes, "
Personally, I've seen too many vegan friends end up with neuropathy, shaking hands, and impaired memories. A letter came in that further confirmed my skepticism, and I'd like to share that letter with you as today's featured article."

Animal Rights and Potential Problems with a Strict Vegan Diet
A handful of readers wrote in to ask why Dr. Ben Kim believes that it is difficult for most people to experience their best health while following a 100 percent vegan diet for more than several years. This important article explains why strict vegan diets will cause health problems for most people in the long term.

Dangers of Vegan Diets for Expectant Moms, Children, and Others -- A Must Read Article
Although a vegan diet can help many people overcome weight problems or major health challenges, it may not be the best choice for the long-term, especially for expectant mothers and their babies. Must reading for all vegans.

Is a Strict Vegan Diet a Recipe for Disaster?
Dr. Ben Kim writes, "My experiences with my own body and in providing health care to many people over the years have led me to believe that a long term, strict vegan diet is a sure recipe for developing certain nutritional deficiencies and significant health problems." This is a must read for strict vegans.

Vegan Gurus Ate Meat
It's not common knowledge, but many of the natural health experts often cited by strict vegans as being against animal foods actually encouraged the moderate consumption of clean animal foods like free-range eggs, raw milk cheese, and deep sea fish. Read this article and open your eyes to what the gurus really wrote and believed.

Norman Walker Died at 99 -- Not at 120!
I've been questioning the nonsense in the natural health circus about Norman Walker's age of death ever since 1995. Now, thanks to a talented genealogical researcher, we have the facts about his dates of birth and death. Fascinating reading.

A Mother's Warning about Vegan Diets
In this article, a mother discusses the vegan diet she followed during pregnancy and how she feels that it contributed to birth defects in her baby.

Why an Expectant Mom Said No to a Vegan Diet
In this important and interesting letter, a young mother and natural health seeker reveals why she decided not to stick with a vegan program when she learned she was pregnant. Must reading for all soon-to-be-mothers.

Our Experience with Deficiencies on the Hallelujah Diet
In this must-read article for all vegans,
health minister Andrew Foote tells how their baby was injured by B12 and calcium deficiencies on the strict vegan Genesis 1:29 diet.

Hallelujah Acres Research Casts Doubt on "Ideal Diet"
In this article, Greg Westbrook examines published studies by a well-known Genesis 1:29 Diet researcher, Michael Donaldson, Ph.D. Donaldson's research reveals a multitude of nutritional deficiencies that vegans should be aware of, especially expectant mothers, nursing mothers, babies, children, and teenagers.

The Myths of Vegetarianism
Naturopath Dr. Stephen Byrnes takes vegetarianism to task in this controversial and fascinating article that debunks many of the "myths of vegetarianism." Must reading for all vegan, raw foodists, and would-be vegetarians.

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